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Listen to our brand new series of podcasts. ‘Holistic Heritage’ brings conversations, opinions and thoughts on heritage from Central and Eastern Europe. Join Katarzyna Jagodzińska and John Beauchamp as they interview heritage leaders and discover the most inspiring projects from across the region.

The project is co-financed by the European Union and the City of Krakow.

Ukraine Heritage Spotlight 01

For this inaugural episode, we introduce you to the current situation of heritage in Ukraine: the damage done, the needs of local organisations and recovery programmes. We also draw your attention to a handful of wonderful projects in the area of heritage which are ongoing in Ukraine.

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European Heritage Award for Veit Stoss altarpiece

This episode brings you to the St. Mary’s Basilica in Krakow to unveil news on the process of conservation and the meaning of the Europa Nostra Award for the Basilica and the city.

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Central European heritage seen from Kraków

In this episode, we learn about activities of the International Cultural Centre in Kraków which for over thirty years has specialised in the culture and heritage of Central Europe.

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About us

In the introductory episode of our series, we discuss ideas behind the Europa Nostra Kraków Heritage Hub, aims and prospects, as well as current projects which are being realised with European partners.

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