Our projects

The task of the Europa Nostra Heritage Hub in Krakow is to connect civic organisations and institutions working in the field of heritage in Central and Eastern Europe. We are working to improve the visibility of activities undertaken for heritage, facilitate understanding between various heritage actors, and be part of changes in the local, regional and European dimension by initiating new projects.

A special place in the area of our interests is occupied by the challenges faced by historic cities, such as resilience to challenges related to socio-economic changes, overtourism, commercialisation or migration (our thematic area: Historic City and Resilience), issues related to participation in the field of heritage i.e. active involvement in activities, taking initiatives, co-creating content (our thematic area: Participation in Heritage), climate catastrophe – its impact on heritage and the role of heritage in minimizing its effects, sustainable development and post-growth in the context of heritage (our thematic area: Heritage in the Anthropocene) and the importance of heritage for improving social and individual well-being and using its potential in health treatment and prevention (our thematic area: Heritage for Wellbeing and Health).

European Heritage Hub

The European Heritage Hub is one of the largest cultural heritage-driven projects across Europe to support the green, social and digital transformation. The project will gather diverse expertise and pool resources to mobilise and strengthen a cultural heritage-driven movement in Europe.

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The European Heritage Awards | Europa Nostra Awards were launched in 2002 by the European Commission and have been run by Europa Nostra ever since. This year marks the 20th anniversary of Europe’s most prestigious Awards in the heritage field.

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Heritage Conversations

It is a series of discussions led by the Europa Nostra Heritage Hub team in Kraków. Their goal is to promote good practices in the field of cultural and natural heritage in Central and Eastern Europe and to highlight the role of non-governmental organisations in the field of management, protection, promotion and education for heritage.

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7 Most Endangered

The 7 Most Endangered Programme is a civil society campaign to save Europe’s endangered heritage. It raises awareness, makes independent technical assessments, proposes recommendations for action and seeks to rally support to save the selected endangered sites.

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Holistic Heritage

Listen to our brand new series of podcasts. ‘Holistic Heritage’ brings conversations, opinions and thoughts on heritage from Central and Eastern Europe.

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Krakow Heritage Forum

Krakow Heritage Forum The Krakow Heritage Forum brings together heritage organisations from the non-governmental sector. The aim of the Forum is to integrate and jointly develop the scope of mutual cooperation for Krakow’s heritage. Creating a network of Kraków civic organisations working for heritage is an important element of Kraków’s cultural policy. We would like […]

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