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HomepageThe European Heritage Hub website is now live!

Visit the newly launched European Heritage Hub website!

The European Heritage Hub is a pilot project launched in May 2023 by a consortium of 21 partners, led by Europa Nostra and co-funded by the European Union, to set up a permanent and autonomous heritage hub in Europe.

The project brings together a large array of heritage stakeholders and initiatives, responding to the need for a more structured cooperation and coordination at all levels of governance, from local to European and international.

Using the green, digital and social triple transformation of Europe as the overarching theme for all its activities, the project builds the capacity for action and advocacy of the European heritage sector to support the transition towards a more sustainable, innovative and inclusive future.

The Society of Friends of Kraków History and Heritage (as operator of the Europa Nostra Kraków Heritage Hub) is one of the affiliated project partners taking responsibility for coordinating the activities in Central and Eastern Europe.

Check what’s on the horizon and how you can get involved.

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