Kraków Heritage Hub in EUROPEAN Commission expert group on safeguarding Ukrainian heritage

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Europa Nostra Heritage Hub for Central and Eastern Europe in Krakow was among the experts and organizations invited to participate in the work of the European Commission expert sub-group on safeguarding cultural heritage in Ukraine. Kraków Heritage Hub is represented by Professor Jacek Purchla, vice-president of Europa Nostra.

The group was set up as a special advisory sub-group to the European Commission expert group on cultural heritage. It is composed of experts, who have different experiences and knowledge of good practices in recovering from disasters and increasing the resilience of cultural heritage in emergency situations. The international team will help lay out the foundations of the EU’s support in safeguarding Ukrainian cultural heritage. The experts will help the Commission put together a set of recommendations from recovery processes on the prevention, preparedness and recovery of cultural heritage in Ukraine. These recommendations and lessons learnt could also guide relevant projects and initiatives in the future.

Team of HERI carrying out damage assessment during an expedition to a wooden church in the Viazivka village destroyed by an aerial bomb dropped nearby in February of 2022. Photo by Bohdan Poshyvailo, source: Europa Nostra

Following Russia’s war of aggression and its impact on Ukrainian heritage, the EU Work Plan for Culture 2023-2026 included an action to preserve cultural heritage and empower local cultural and creative sectors in Ukraine. Setting up a dedicated sub-group to the regular Commission expert group on cultural heritage is a part of this endeavour. This is an addition and a follow-up to the first set of measures and actions undertaken by the Commission to safeguard Ukrainian cultural heritage. The first meeting of the team’s working subgroup was held on June 12.